2017 Families United Serving & Embracing (F.U.S.E.)

Bus Address: 44 Coventry Lane, Agawam,  Mass. 01101

Email:  info@ma-fuse.org 

No One Should Have To Face An Unplanned Pregnancy Alone.  

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"No one should have to choose to terminate a pregnancy or give up their child because of temporary circumstances surrounding homelessness and/or limited resources. We want to empower women - promote better outcomes, loving them both!"

Sherry Danalis, President of F.U.S.E.


Young Women facing unplanned pregnancy have a difficult time finding options to support her decision to parent. She is left alone to support herself and experience financial limitations, eliminating her sense of having a choice. At Nehemiah House we offer a family home environment to live out her pregnancy and welcome baby wrapping them with support and community.  

What We Provide

 Mentors and Life Coaches for support in a family home environment 

Pathway  to Independence


Our Life Coaches help vulnerable young homeless women ages 18-23 identify their goals and guide them each step of the way as they:

  • Earn a GED

  • Help find and maintain employment

  • Or begin a college career

  • Find suitable and stable housing

  • Learn money management skills

  • Develop conflict resolution skills 

  • Obtain a driver's license

  • Learn life skills

  • Develop strong parenting skills

  • Apply for medical insurance and seek physical and mental health services

  • Access community services

  • Establish life-long connections with caring adults

  • Learn nutrition and healthy eating

Private bedroom with crib and essential baby supplies

Miss K

I experienced the Kingdom of God. It was as if God plucked me from the woods himself and put me in His own palace. 

Miss Armani

I want to advocate for those who need support facing a crisis pregnancy after what I experienced at Nehemiah House. Today I have a license, a car, going to school and on the road to independence. 

Miss Chareese / Mentor

I wish when I was a young mother facing unplanned pregnancy that I had the support and community like Nehemiah House gives these young ladies. I'm overwhelmed that I get to be on the other end providing support and making sure they are not alone when baby is born.

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